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Depth Communication Group who was founded in 2003, is a professional integrated service provider of communication industry in China. DPR’s headquarter is in Qingdao and has 6 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou Haikou and Jinan. DPR which has a professional team with more than 700 talents, provides 5 service sectors: digital marketing, public relations communication, film&television technology, brand advertising and exhibition display. DPR continuously provides services to over 1000 customers worldwide during 17 years, including dozens of FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 companies, covers finance, FMCG, Internet, information technology, household appliance, real estate, manufacturing and so on.

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2018 France INNODESIGN Innovation-Design Prize

The prize was founded by City Hall of Metz, France, and jointly hosted by France Innovation-Design Professional Committee and INNODESIGN INSTITUTE. It is an international award for outstanding designers from various industries around the world.

Italy 2017 A' Design Award

As a leading annual design competition, A' Design Award has been recognized by ICOGRADA and BEDA.

The 10th International Slovakia Trnava Poster Triennial

Founded in1988, the top competition has been recognized by UNESCO and Icograda and became the largest Poster Exhibition in Europe in 1991.


Founded in2011, it’s an international award for designers, advocating designing with fantastic imagination. Meanwhile it promotes the globalization of Reggae Music leveraging the great influence of global informatization.

Advertising Agency-Level 1

The highest credentials in China’s Advertising. Selection Criteria include enterprise scale, personnel qualification, service level, industry influence and etc.

Tiger Roar Award Gold Medal

Tiger Roar Award is the most authoritative and influential award in the business communication field, selecting and giving commendations to outstanding organizations, individuals and marketing cases.

Suqin Awards Gold Medal

Suqin Awards is the highest professional award in China’s communication industry.

Golden Flag Award Gold Medal

Established in 2010, Golden Flag Award selects and commends cases that lead innovative development and highlight the value of public relations. Every year many Fortune 500 companies take part in this competition for its professionalism and influence.

Outstanding Organization Award for the Shandong “Houdaolushang” Charity Advertisement Competition

Jointly hosted by: Publicity Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and etc. The competition centers on the concept of “honesty and integrity”, trying to promote Shandong industries from multiple perspectives.

Outstanding Employer Brand of China PR Industry

The competition was established in 2011 by 17PR, a leading information and business portal of public relations in China.